Day 314-320. November 14-20, 2013-Lots of things

I swear I do not know where the time goes but I guess I have been busy.  Here are few things I have been up to:

14th-Sold my bike.

15th-Met up with some friends at our regular hangout Bougaivillea’s then headed to Rok Burger for dinner.  Scored a very nice bottle of wine at a cheaper price because they did not have the one we wanted. Had a great time.

16th-Took the car in for service. It was way overdue.  Signed up for a 5-day clean eating challenge.  This will be a challenge.  Tried acorn squash for the very first time.  It was ok.  I will not go out of my way to eat it but will not freak next time it is in my vegetable share.

17th-Ran around like a crazy person getting everything I needed for the challenge.  Food that I do not normally eat.  Went to see In the Heights with my Mom and Sister.  The show was at the Miami Children’s Theatre.  These people put on a great show.  The kids are really talented.  If you haven’t ever been you should go.

18th-Had to take Steve to Ft. Lauderdale since the boat was leaving.  Started the challenge with lemon water and a shake with kale in it.  Not a fan of kale. Started on my cousin’s secret garden and then looked over all the projects that were going up in front of the Environmental Review and Preservation Board.  The meeting was the next day and there were a lot of projects.  Got all my notes ready.

19th- Went to the board meeting.  That was interesting but we got through all the projects in pretty good time.  Finished my cousin’s secret garden.

20th-Had all bunch of stuff to do but ended up having to head to my Mom’s to meet the tree guy.  Started my Mom’s landscaping plan.  Need to get that done so she stops driving me crazy.  Donated my old phone to one of the coaches at Alien Endurance (my triathlon team).  Hers was stolen last week and she couldn’t afford a new one.

I am sure there were other things but these were the top ones.  What I did not do is anything that I was supposed to do.  I mean I was suppose to do these too but I really needed to do the others first.

So what I learned is that it is really hard to do everything by myself.  I need to figure out what I can outsource and I need to do that fast.  I mean I am down to 45 days.  Oh boy.  I am oh boying for several reasons.  One is I need to get all ducks in a row for my next adventure and ironman training starts in 45 days.  It will be so real here in 45 days.

I also learned that not eating processed food hurts for several days.  The fact that it hurts when you are detoxing from it should signal that I should not be eating it.  But man I am missing some things.  It is also difficult since I really do not like vegetables and I am having to eat a lot of that.  In addition eating clean takes some time and dedication.  I am thinking meal plans that deliver could be a great out source item.  Or I need to find a chef.

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