Day 321-325. November 21-25, 2013-Keeping it going

So I didn’t write for a few days but amazing things got accomplished.

First I outsourced some of my tasks.  God that felt good.  It was like I gained about 5 hours a day.

Second I finished my Mom’s house and she loved it.  This was the ultimate task getting done. I was most freaked out about this but I managed and it didn’t kill me so now I can concentrate on other things.

Moms house

Third I finalized a nice proposal for a job in the Bahamas.  This a sweet deal so I hope it works out. If it does then I am well on my way to greatness in 2014.

Fourth I took my car into get appraised.  I need to cut expenses in a big way and my nice beautiful car is expensive so I thought I would sell it.  Turns out I am keeping it and well I am not too upset since it is perfect convertible weather.

Fifth I got myself some health insurance.  I have been trying to do this for a month so I just finally went to the office and I was in and out in about an hour.  I even got a free smoothie and an appointment for a free screening which includes a cholesterol test.  I do that tomorrow.

Sixth I helped my Mom sell some recliners.  They went to a girl that helps out at our office.  We moved them today.  That was fun and my Mom is super happy and I know TJ and John are super happy as well so it was good transaction.

Seventh I finally got my wind mitigation inspection done on my house.  This will save me about $3,000.00 a year on insurance.  Really what took so long.

What I learned this week is that it sure does feel good to do what I love.  Between my Mom’s house and my cousin’s garden I have had so much fun.  I also learned that moving towards my next adventure takes some work.  Today I found that I lost a whole lot of writing that I had done.  Not happy about that but I do know that when you loose work it always comes out better the second time around.  Looking forward to that.

40 days and counting. OMG OMG OMG

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