Day 327-329. November 27-29, 2013-All about Thanksgiving and shopping

So the last three days just flew by.  Wednesday we had the annual Curtis + Rogers thanksgiving lunch.  So I had to be at the office by 11:30 at the latest.  I had some stuff I needed to do in the morning so I made it there just in time.  Lunch usually takes a couple of hours and we always pick names for our secret santa.  So we did that and it was funny cause there were three of us sitting next to each other and we all picked our own name.  What are the odds right.  

After lunch I picked up my vegetable/fruit share and the traffic was horrible so it took forever.  As I was putting everything away I realized I had picked up the wrong box.  Sent an email to Endlessly Organic and they were like not to worry there were extra boxes for the food bank.  I was bummed because I did not get any fruit but they were so nice that next week they are giving me a fruit box to try.  So happy about that.  I am more of a fruit person than a vegetable one.

I then took off to meet my happy hour friends.  What a great day.

Thursday was all about running, resting and eating.  I went to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving.  I love going there.  Food is always good and I love seeing my cousins and Kiki makes the best cortadito in town.

I was assigned an appetizer so I made my chicken salad with avocado won ton cup bites.  I added some bacon this time.  Oh they were so good.  Will make more next time.  I love making this because I basically used all leftovers to do it.

Today was gonna be about cleaning my house but my cousin Maria Cristina called me at 8:30am because last night I had asked her to look for a purse (since she was going shopping) that I wanted and she wanted me to go look at it.  I got my butt out of bed and headed to Dadeland mall.  I ended up with a purse and 2 pairs of shoes.  What a score.  


I then headed to Footworks.  I had to return a pair of running shoes and wanted to take advantage of the sale.  I found 3 pairs of shoes and a tank top.  As I was waiting in line I heard someone say that the nutrition is on sale and that never happens so I stocked up.  I am gonna need it for my ironman training.


Then I made christmas cards for Elena, my sister.  They are for the gifts she gives to the kids at Math Monkey.  She had called me while at Dadeland and was giving me all sorts of instructions of what she wanted.  I listened to none of them and the cards came out so cute (can’t show them since it is a surprise).  She loved them.  Thank God for the paper cutter at my office.  It would have taken forever to do at home with an exacto knife.

What I learned the last couple of days is that I don’t see my family enough.  They live so close but we barely see each other.  The great thing is that when we do see each other it is always fun.

I also learned that black Friday is not so bad since it now starts on Thursday.  Thank all the people who stayed up all night shopping.  It made the Friday shopping nice.

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