Day 334-336. November 30-December 2, 2013-Moving right along

So I realized today that the days weren’t adding up.  Somewhere along the line I missed some days or mixed them up so that is the reason for the jump in days since my last post.  Anyway today is really day 336 which means only 29 days left in my 365 days of to dos.

Since Thanksgiving is now over it was time to decorate for Christmas.  Easy right?  Well not at my house.  I had to move furniture around and needed to find a way to get a couch to my mother’s house since it was taking up too much space at my house.  So I put out a message on Facebook and my cousin offered to help.  

Once the furniture was moved it was time to hit the shed to pull out the decorations.  I started with the tree.  OMG it was horrible.  The thing was full of roaches.  Freaked me out.  So I left it on the back porch over night so the roached would leave.  The next day I took out a few containers to start decorating and really all I ended up with is lights and the big santa and my village houses.  That is all that is getting set up until Steve gets home because I am not going back in the shed.

So that was the decorating portion (which I haven’t finished but it is a good start).  I then sat down and started writing.  I am updating some stuff and last week I lost the file and basically had to start over.  I wrote like a crazy person and on Saturday was up until 4am working.  I got so much done it was great.  Funny part was that I ended up finding the original file after I was finished.  So yesterday I combined the work from both to get a really good write up.

Sunday was spent cleaning and then off to Sunday Funday with my friend Sue.  She is not drinking this week because she has a full marathon on Sunday so we decided to leave our bubble since she was driving.  It was nice getting out of the neighborhood. Plus the Dolphins won.

Today was all about getting back to my online course.  I pretty much spend the entire day doing that until my cousin was headed over to help me move the couch.  I decided I would take my dog out for a quick walk.  I grabbed my phone and headed out.  As soon as I slammed the door I thought oh crap I don’t have keys.  Thank God I had my phone.  I called Marta to tell what happened and we decided that we would go to my Mom’s and get my key.  As soon as I hung up I was like well how will I get in her house.  My keys are inside.  I then started calling people.  I have keys at several friend’s houses.  Of course no one was home and they were not 100% sure they had keys anymore.  In the end my friend Cindy got home the fastest and she did have the key so were able to get the couch moved.  My other friend Aida also confirmed that she had a key so at least I know who has keys.

What I learned the last three days is:

  • having to write things a second time usually ends up better
  • I need a new shed
  • I have great family and friends
  • my house looks so much better without that couch
  • I love my on line course and so glad I finally got back to it
  • 29 days is not a lot of time to get everything done

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