Day 337-338. December 2-3, 2013-Mostly concentrated on me

So yesterday I was determined to get back at my training with Andy.  Now that I have the board meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month I needed to change my workout schedule.  After weeks of back and forth I can not change the workout schedule so what we decided is that on the board meeting days I will do a 30 minute session and the rush like a crazy woman to get to my meeting by 8:30am.  I tried it out this week because we only had one item to review.  I got there just in time so I think it will work.

I then met with a friend who I am hiring to help with some of my tasks that need to get done before the end of the year.  This will truly help me get the last few things done to be super organized.  Each day in the last weeks I have made huge progress.  

I then went to open a new bank account just for my business stuff.  The accounting was starting to become a mess and I needed to separate it.  I had asked my accountant for some suggestions and he turned me on to Mercantil Bank.  OMG what a great experience. It is a small bacnk and the branch has 5 employees.  I met them all and the branch manager was great and offered so many suggestions on how to keep costs down.  I have already told Steve we should move our personal account to there.  So that happens next week when he gets home.

In the middle of all this I remembered I had to pick my Mom up at the airport.  Now I booked the ticket and stupid me decided to get her back during heavy school traffic.  I must remember that i am usually the one that takes her and picks her up from the airport.  Need to make that note to self.  After we got to her house she was so happy to see the new couch at her house so thank you so much Marta.  Then we ended up going for dinner.  Seriously love hanging out with my Mom.  The stuff that she says are hilarious.

I then relaxed and ended up sending an email to someone and their response was so great that it brought me to tears.  What a great way to end the day.

Today was crazy.  Went to one of my job sites.  This park is coming together so fast and it is looking fantastic.  I can not wait till it is all finished.  This project was so painful during the design phase but going so smoothly during the construction phase.  So glad to be working with such a great contractor (Pirtle Construction, they are the best). Here are some photos.


Close up of some of the paving. Can’t really see the color because of the sun.


After the site visit I went straight  to see Ruben Serrano  to see what can be done about my neck and knee pains. He did a very thorough examination which tested different muscles and it kind of freaked me out because I seemed weak.  He assured me that all would be ok.  So apparently I need to loosen up my calves ( I always loved the fact that my calves were so strong). So he explained all sorts of things but here is my english version. My calves are on fire and because of that all my other muscles required to run have gone to sleep so they are weak causing havoc on my body). For my neck I need to work on posture (that was pretty much a given). I noticed the difference after he proceeded to loosen up my calves. Then he got me to sit in right posture. That actually hurts so I have some work to do. So he gave me some homework. Basically 1 stretch per calf and then 3 exercises to do twice a day for a total of about 12 minutes. Amazing stuff and I am so glad to find out its a stuff I can easily repair. Thanks for the hook up Karen M Redmond.

I was so hungry by the time I left but ended up having to pick up my fruit box that Endlessly Organic offered me.  I then rushed home had lunch and headed to the office to do a few things.  I did not realize but it was 4pm by the time I got to the office.  Wow the day went by so fast.

After the office I came home ordered business cards, paid some bills, took Mo for a walk and blogged.  What a day.

So what I learned is:

  • I have so missed my workout sessions with Andy.
  • Strong claves are not always good.
  • I love watching my projects come alive.  The reason I love construction administration so much.
  • I truly love hanging with my mom (well this more of an affirmation).
  • I can be brought to tears with once sentence when it comes from the right person.
  • I love being busy.
  • I am loving December.

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