Day 339-340. December 4-5, 2013-Lots done but messed up on dates again

So Today which is day 340 I got so much done.  It was all about getting rid of paper.  I think I took out 4 bags of it to recycling.  In the process I caught up on paying bills and just organizing stuff like taxes.  Mostly I was paying medical ones that come at me all the time and I usually put them aside since they are usually Steve’s and are not on autopay.  Bad habit since I always forget and they pile up.  But whatever its all done now.

I also found other correspondence which I guess I should have read when it came in but I did not mostly because I hate mail.  One of  letters was from an attorney that confirmed that the folks I invested in would not be paying back their loan.  As they put it “I understand that this was a significant investment for you, but unfortunately, the Promissory Note was between you and the folks you invested in.  They in turn, have ceased doing business and the company dissolved.”  Pretty much means ha too bad.  Really, I am not a huge corporation, I am an individual who decided to help another individual who was in need.  And yes it was a large investment.

Really my post today was not about that but it was part of my day so might as well talk about it.  Really what my day was about is getting organized and getting rid of paper.  And that i did and am so happy about it.

Another letter I found was a survey about a proposed dog park in South Miami.  I read through it and found the commissioner who sent it.  I have been wanting to do a community garden/project and get more involved in my small city so I sent an email saying that I would offer my services pro bono to design the park.  He responded that another Landscape Architect had also volunteered and gave me his contact info.  I reached out to him and in the end we are going to collaborate on the park.  Great right?

What i learned is that doesn’t matter how hard I try I get the damn days all wrong.  Really no big deal right.

I learned that I am a person that avoids mail.  Damn shit comes in and I put it in a pile and forget about it.  Really bad habit.  Do not try this at home.

I also learned that I have been trying to keep peace and that has caused me to not be honest.  I have been leaving out information, making me not 100% honest.  The last few days that has haunted me.  This is my blog and I should write what I want.  I have always been honest and as the year is coming to an end I want to do that.  So it is what it is.

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