Day 341-344. December 6-9, 2013-Moving right along

So my last post was a difficult one and a little delayed because I wanted to get the opinion of a few people.  I got very different responses and in the end I posted it after some editing.  I do think I was honest and kept my integrity of the situation without actually naming the people  who decided they were not going to pay me back (although I wanted to at first thought).  In the end I came to the conclusion that naming them was not going to move me forward in my new endeavor.  My new endeavor will end up taking me to places that in the end all this will be such a minor thing that I will wonder why I ever even thought twice about it.  Today it is a big deal and I am mad and I want the universe to know the entire truth but tomorrow  really I won’t care and seriously these folks have already taken up too much of my time.  They know who they are and what they did.  They will have to live with it long after I will.

So after that post I moved into action.  I have since accomplished so much.  The biggest thing is that I met with my friend who is helping out with the website.  We figured out the layout and made a list of what I need to write.  I have a lot of work to do now.  I have also updated my Linked account.  This was huge for me as i thought who was gonna care but I have gotten positive responses which was so unexpected.  This is exciting and scary at the same time.

On a personal level I have gotten new house insurance and basically saved about half of what I was paying.  This has been on my list for 12 months at least.  I could have saved over $2,000.00 this year had I done something about it 12 months ago.  My friend Rick Leal is also working on my car and professional insurance.  He is awesome.

This past weekend I also ran a half marathon in West Palm Beach.  I drove up on saturday for a Sunday race.  That is basically all I got done for 2 days.  It was a great day for a race and I had a good time but really it was waste of valuable time.

Today I had to take Steve for a colonoscopy.  Enough said.

What I have learned the last few days is that:

▪   As much as I want to talk shit about someone who messed with me I just can’t

▪   I get so excited about the little things that I am able to accomplish

▪   I am so glad to have a friend taking over my insurance, he is saving me so much money

▪   Out of town races make for a very unproductive 2 days

Really I am so happy I only have 21 one more days of my 365 days of to do’s (not because I haven’t enjoyed it but because I can to wait to see where I end up because of it)

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