Day 345-347. December 10-12, 2013-Scattered but productive

The last few days I have been all over but things are happening.  I have been writing like crazy for the webpage.  This is hard work.  I get inspired at the weirdest times so it messes with my schedule.  Really it is ok.  In between I have done other just as important things like visit Moore Park which is just about finished.  This project is a design build project and it started out really slow but it is going super fast at the end.  Here are a few pictures.


Besides work I have been cooking as well.  Trying to use up food in the fridge.  I made the best broccoli soup and really the best shepard’s pie I have even made.  I made it with sweet mashed potato with a touch of cinnamon.  Best part is I have a bunch frozen in the freezer t be consumed later.

But the best thing I did and it is not productive at all is pick up my new bike.  I ordered this thing 6 weeks ago and I have been waiting.  This machine is going to help me finish an ironman. It is so nice.


So this week I have learned that I am so grateful to be busy again.  I love the end of a project when everything is going so fast and you have to move quick to make a change because it will make the outcome so much better.  Today I saw such an opportunity I had to run to make it happen.  I was able to make the change.  Can’t wait until tomorrow to see how the job is progressing.

I  also learned that damn I can make some good stuff with leftover food.  I used to do that in college but stopped since I didn’t have to.  Big mistake.  My best meals are created out of looking at what I have and creating.

18 days and counting.  The stuff that will get done in the next 18 days will blow your mind.  I am my best in these sort of situations.  Gotta love crunch time.

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