Day 348-351. December 13-16, 2013. Not sure the time has gone by so fast

The last few days I haven’t accomplished anything major.  I am just tackling small tasks that just need to get done.  I am still writing for my webpage, I am still going to my job sites, I am buying stuff for Christmas, I am doing stuff for Steve’s 50th Birthday Party (I sent out the invitation which actually was a big task), I got all my stuff for office Christmas lunch (we need to take 2 presents one hand made and one bought.  One is for secret santa and the other is for the chinese exchange), I took my new bike for a spin, started my herb garden and a whole bunch of other things.

What I am learning is that I have tackled so many major projects this year that really all I have left to do this year is a lot of minor tasks.  These minor tasks all have resulted from the major accomplishments form this year.  14 more days to get it all done.  Feeling  so good.

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