Day 352-353. December 17-18. 2013. Home made Christmas Santa present and text for webpage

So today was going to be the Curtis + Rogers Christmas lunch which is when we exchange secret santa presents.  Over the years we went from one present for the secret santa to two presents.  One for secret santa and one for the chines exchange.  In addition, one has to be hand made.  The hand made gifts have gotten better over the years but still can be a pain to do because of time.  This year I was on schedule to get it all done on time when I got the call yesterday that lunch was changed to Friday.  I was really bummed because I am super excited about my gift giving this year but ok.  Anyway I ended up with an extra 2 days to get it done.  So of course I didn’t finish it.  LOL.  it will be done by Friday.

Today was all about getting the text done for the webpage.  This has been a task.  I have been working for other people for all of my career and I haven’t had to update my portfolio in 25 years.  So I am starting from scratch.  Today I finished the main text and thought I should send this to my high school english teacher for advice on the writing.  But then I thought really I should send it to Denis, my college adviser that I have kept in contact with since I graduated in 1986.  I love Denis.  He has guided me all of these years and I trust his advice when it comes to my career. I admire him for allowing me to be who I am but also got me to be the best of me that I could be. (I would like to mention that he was not the only one that did that in my life.  I had high school teachers who saw my creative side and really allowed me to be that way. I thank them for getting me out of High school so that I could meet Denis.)

What I learned today is that when it comes to my career I have always looked to Denis for advice. Today was no different.  I met him when I was 16 years old and because of him my life changed.  He was the person who interviewed me to get into the School of Design.  I hated him when left my interview.  I thought that I was never going to get in.  But I got accepted and I was ecstatic.  I later found out that he accepted me into the School of Design with raving remarks although he still thought I was a high risk student he thought I should be given a chance. That chance that he gave me was amazing.  They only accepted 100 students a year into the School of Design.  His acceptance of me proved to be the right decision later in my college days and we became good friends despite our first and second and maybe third encounter.  I will always be grateful for his out of the box way of thinking which lead to my being accepted to college and then later in the courses I took with him.  What he taught me is invaluable and really after 27 years his lessons still stand out in front.

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