Day 353-363. December 19-29, 2013- Christmas and Steve’s birthday

So the last 11 days were about the holidays and Steve’s 50th birthday party.  There were parties, shopping sprees, ordering on line and everything in between.  I am not really going to talk about what was accomplished because this is the sort of thing that happens every year.  It is nothing special.

What I will write about is the events spent with family and friends.  First was my cousin Martha’s Christmas eve party.  I cooked lasagna and we had an incredible time.  That night we invited ourselves to Kiki’s house for Christmas.  As usual the food was good, the company was good and the coffee was good.  This year though was different because Kirstie got enagaged earlier in the morning.  Kirstie is Kiki’s daughter and it it is so much fun seeing the next generation growing up.  It was  a great day.

The next day my niece Lena showed up with her fiancé (which I later found out is really her husband) and his mom Anita. I had to dash off to a meeting but we met for dinner later.  After that we moved on to party planning mode.  Steve’s 50th birthday party was approaching and lots of work to get it all done.  The next few days was all about that.

We also went to dinner at my Mom’s favorite spanish place and ended up planning Len and Payton’s wedding.  They had gotten married in a civil service so Lena could get health insurance but they are very excited about the real wedding which will happen in September in Charlotte.

The day of the party was crazy.  We were all wondering when and if  the it was going to rain.  In the end it rained but just for a short while.  Which made for a very nice party once we got everything set up.



Here is everyone digging in to the incredible dinner.



Here is the table which was so much fun to set up.  Everyone loved it including my mom who ad come over earlier to criticize.  She loved it.

What I learned these past days.  Christmas is consuming.  I hate that.  i tried to not have it be that way but no chance.  What I hate the most is that I have 3 days left in my 365 days of to do’s and I wasted 10 days because of Christmas.  It did not help that I was working on the party for Steve.  I have 3 days to fining my list.  Oh boy  have stuff to do.

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