Week Two. January 6-13, 2014-The journey to becoming an Ironman begins

Part of my journey to greatness in 2014 is racing in Ironman Coure d’Alene.  If I can finish this race it pretty much means I am one tough cookie.  The race is June 29th so until then this blog will serve as my journal for the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life.  I will have to completely change they way I live.  Not only do I really need to get to bed earlier, I also need to eat better and I really do need to give up the red wine.  Funny thing is that I am doing better with the wine than the sleeping.  I am thinking as long as I keep moving forward on these things I am headed in the right direction.

So I have been told that the training is way harder than the race.  Since it is all about the training that is what I will be concentrating on.  The first week was all about testing.  We did swim, bike and run tests.  We measured time and heart rate.  We also did a power test on the computrainer.  My results were horrible.

First test was the bike test in Shark Valley.  I do not like this place because it is full of alligators.  First 15 miles to be in Zone 2 check for time.  Second 15 miles all out check for time and average heart rate (my monitor was not working so no HR).

  • 14.6 miles in 1:03:01 Ave speed 13.86 mph max speed 16.35 mph
  • 14.6 miles in 52:15:95 Ave speed 16.74 mph max speed 21.52 mph

Note the 21.52 mph.  I took off whenever I saw an alligator.  I saw about 8 in the 14.6 miles.

Then came the open water swim test.  Time for 1000 meters. This is when I thought oh lord what did I get myself into.

  • 1000 meters is 23 minutes and I was exhausted.

Same day we did the run test.  I actually thought Idid ok on this one.  Run 1 mile at 10 bps below zone 5 then run 1.5 miles all out and measure time and average heart rate.

  • 1 mile at 10bps below zone 5 took 13.09
  • 1.5 miles all out took 14.16 with ave HR 175 and max HR 192

Then the Functional Threshold Power Test Max  on the computrainer.  My average power was 102 which apparently completely sucks.

I also took my physical measurements.  I am thinking I will slim up so I just want to see by how much.   So here they are:

  • Weight 142 pounds
  • Bust 36.0″ Waist 32.5″ Hips  37.0″ Gut (or what I call my keg) 35.5″

Lastly I will record planned vs actual training times for the week.  This week I managed 89% of training time.  Not bad for the first full week of actual workouts.

  • Planned workout duration:  10:55
  • Actual workout duration: 9:45

I am off to an ok start but I have a lot of work to do to catch up to some of my team mates.  Coach Andy Clark gave me a nice little lecture about me having to show up for the group work outs if I actually want to finish this race.  He thinks I can get faster if I ride with the group.  He doesn’t care if its 5:30am and I am terrified to ride in the dark.  I will work on that.  I am hoping that this upcoming week I can get to sleep earlier.  This will make waking up easier.  One last thing that has become clear is that I need to get my food preparation in order.  My meal plan is five meals a day for a total of about 2300 calories.  These meals need to be prepped and ready to go because I do not have time to basically cook all day.


 “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ―Albert Einstein

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