Week Three. January 13-19, 2014- Training and Nutrition

This past week I was determined to do all of the workouts with the group and plan out my meal plans.  The week started out good and I was happy with my commitment but then around the middle of the week things started going downhill.

Wednesday night was our St. Jude Children’s Hospital happy hour so I made sure to get my workout done in the morning.  I even got home early from the happy hour and all I needed to do was go to sleep early.  Did not happen.  I got inspired to write (for my webpage) and ended up staying late.  So I did not get up for my swim on Thursday.  Plus it was way too cold to swim.   Check out the coach’s response to me not swimming:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.39.39 PM


Thursday night my niece Autumn flew in so I had to pick her up at the airport and then we went to surprise my mom.  This caused me to miss my Friday morning group ride.  I ended up doing it on my trainer later but that is not really good enough.  But hey the surprise was worth it.

I did manage the swim and run with the group on Saturday.  But then I missed Sunday group ride.  This is the text I received on Sunday morning:


That text message pretty much made me feel horrible but I was too freaked out to ride.  Just so you know I am terrified of riding on the road.  On Saturday a cyclist was riding and he hit something and just about hit us as we were driving past.  He was a good cyclist and was able to recover but I am pretty sure if it had been me I would have gone down so it does freak me out.

The text message really bothered me so I jumped on the bike and rode for 2.5 hours on the trainer.  I was determined to get some good milage in so I would not get another disappointment message.  I thought my results were pretty good so I sent the information to Andy.


He agreed but told me I need to stop being scared and get on the road.  I will work on that I swear.

So overall I think I did ok.  I did end this week with 93% of my workouts done so not bad for a very lazy triathlete.

  • Planned workout duration:  9:25
  • Actual workout duration: 8:45

The meal plans are another story.  I sat down to print everything and ran out of ink so I had to go to the store.  Of course that took longer than I thought so all I managed was getting the stuff printed.  But I am now ready to go.


This week I was realizing what my team mate Phil Reagan was talking about in his synopsis of his ironman experience.  He said that the training may only be 15-20 hours a week but really complete preparation is more like 25-30 hours a week.  When you add the prepping of meals, the packing and un-packing to get to the group sessions, the driving to get there and back and all the other little things you must do the time really does just start adding up.

I will finish off with this quote given that this past week my worst enemy currently was living between my ears.

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears”.——-Laird Hamilton

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