Week Four. January 20-26, 2013-Having doubts

The week started out really good but as usual towards Thursday things start slipping.  To be fair it was freaking cold Thursday morning (even colder than last week) and I did not feel like going swimming.  As it turns out my Mom went to the emergency room with a really bad stomach virus and I ended up having to hang out with her until she was released.  That was exhausting so I went home and took a nap.  So I missed the workouts for Thursday because my nap took a little longer than I had expected.  Friday was a day off and I took it since I was still very tired and it was the first one we have had.  I will never skip that workout I am sure.

This week I really tried to get to bed early.  I still need to work on this but I did manage to get to bed by 8:30pm on Saturday and 10pm on Sunday.  Progress.  I also worked on nutrition.  I did well a couple of days but it is really hard to get all those calories in.  I also need to remember to bring snacks with me.  This would make a huge difference.  When I get really hungry I tend to eat less so if I have the snacks then I end up less hungry and I can eat more.  The nutrition plan is going to be more important in the months to come but I need to practice now so it becomes routine.  When the workouts get longer and harder I cannot be worrying about nutrition I just need to get it.  So I am working on getting organized so that eating what I am supposed to becomes habit.

My biggest accomplishment this week was the 3-hour bike ride on Sunday.  Andy has been after me to ride with the group.  So a group of us got together and rode.  They made sure I kept up and made sure I felt safe on the road.  They also helped me ride in a pack, which freaks me out but is safer when on the road.  We chose to go to homestead since the roads are basically free of cars. The car free roads allowed me to just focus on the pack ride and keeping the pace up.  I think I did pretty well.  Of course coach was disappointed because we did not follow his plan, which was to leave from Coconut Grove head south for an hour then go to Key Biscayne and then back to the grove. This route is packed with cars and why I always skip it.  Before the ride one of the girls told us that Andy wanted us to do 2 bridges so we decided to ride then head to the bridge to get them done.  But according to coach we did not do the hard part of the ride, which were the bridges when our legs were tired.  It was pretty hard to do the bridges after the legs had stiffened from the drive there.  I think I would had rather done it during the ride it would have been easier.  But hey that is just my opinion.

I later spoke to one of the girls that actually made it to the ride in the grove.  She told me she had a hard time keeping up with the leader who was going 20mph and she is a strong cyclist.  Of course coach thinks I can keep up with the 20mph group. I really don’t think so.  So I would have certainly been left behind to fend for myself.  I know I would have turned around so I am glad I did not follow “the plan” because I got my 3-hour ride done.

My worst feeling this week was on Saturday.  I woke up thinking why am I doing this.  I wanted so badly to roll over and go back to bed.  I was thinking I have lost way more money doing dumber things and really loosing the race entry fee would not be so bad if I did not race.  But I got up which was hard because it was cold and we had to swim first.  Getting in the water was not as bad I thought so I took off.  I kept thinking why am I doing this but then it was time to turn around and my endorphins must have kicked in because I got in a zone and the swim felt great and then my doubts went away.  This made going for the run a lot easier.

During the run Leo mentioned the video on the ironman page and how motivating it was.  I was like I am not watching it because it will freak me out even more.  He assured me it wouldn’t and that it would pump me up.  I watched it when I got home.  Here is the link.

I pretty much cried through the entire video.  Leo was right it was motivating.  As soon as I finished I got all my gear together for Sunday’s ride.  I wanted to be ready so that I would make it on time.

This week I only made 81% of my workouts.

  • Planned workout duration:  11:05
  • Actual workout duration: 9:05

That is not that great but this is a journey and as any journey there are going to be some good days and some bad days.  The trick is to keep going and learn along the way.  What I learned this week is that the group of people doing Coure ‘dAlene with me are there for me.  They did not follow “the plan” because they wanted me to feel safe and wanted to make sure I finally rode with the group (which is what coach asked them to do). They want to see me succeed and I am grateful for that.  Here we are:

Saturday Bikeride

Thank you Kristen, Ashley, Leo, Christy, Eduardo Liz and Robert

Out of all the rides I have done in the last 3 years this was the first time that I actually looked forward to it.  That is progress.  I know coach doesn’t see this as a big deal but for me to actually look forward to the sport that I hate the most is a big deal.

Today’s quote says it all for me this week.

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” ― C. Joybell C.

One thought on “Week Four. January 20-26, 2013-Having doubts

  1. go espe…just do it….don’t think about it. you will be fine. skip and i started biking and you are right it is scary sometimes…especially on dirt roads full of rocks up and down hills…i got scared had to get off and walk down with the bike…it was ok, i then got on it again and kept going…eventually i wont be afraid.

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