Week Five. January 27-February 2, 2013- Freaking awesome week

I do not know how long this will last but this was a great week.  I made it to most of my work outs, I actually rode with the group (and kept up for 30 minutes and they were going about 20-25 mph) in Key Biscayne (I hate that place) and I ran my best half marathon in the last 3 years.  So it was a great week.

Here is proof that I was at the group work out on Saturday.  Here we are for our open water swim before our 3 hour ride.

group pic

So on Sunday was the Miami Marathon.  I had originally signed up for the full because my friend Josh was doing his 100th marathon on that day and i was going to run with him but I changed plans when I signed up for the ironman.  I ended up doing the half which ended up being part of my training for the weekend.  I ran with Christy and we did great.  Turns out it was my best time in the last 3 years.  It was great running with her because we pushed each other when we needed to be pushed.  Here we are almost at the end.


After the race I lost Christy so I moved on to the Footworks tent where I met Sue and Carlos.  These are the guys I usually run with.  I also wanted a massage, food and mimosas which were plentiful at the Footworks tent.  Best place to be after the race.

Carlos sue espe

I pretty much stayed there until Josh came in.  It was great.  There was a banner for him to cross and everyone was cheering him on.  I will have to say doing 100 marathons by the time you are 40 is one serious accomplishment.

You go Josh.

espe sue josh

It really was a good day but when I finally got around to doing the Restwise and ending up with a 100% score that was really the high point of my training so far.  Ever since I started I was getting 40-70% and it was telling me to take it easy.  Getting 100% means I am finally getting into shape.


I do not have the workout stats for this week.  I really do not care because really I know I had a great week and I am just gonna stick to that.  All I know is that if most of my weeks can be like this then I will become an Ironman on June 29th.

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