Week six. February 3-10, 2014 Recovery week

Recovery week is not really recovery at all.  It really is less hours but higher intensity.  We do some testing during this week so you really do push yourself.  It started out good but then I got the dreaded stomach virus that has been going around.  I was out and seriously could not leave the house.  Thursday’s swim was hilarious.  I could not keep up at all.  Coach Aaron was like did you eat breakfast?  I had but there was nothing in my system from Wednesday.  Three quarters into the work out I told Aaron i am done.  He said no just stay you already did most of the work and I am going to give you guys fins.  I can kick some but with the fins on so I stayed.  So we had to do 6-50’s.  I took off on the first one and when I got back to the wall Ralf says to me “did you put a rocket up you a$%”.  I laughed so hard because I get that every time I put my fins on.  It was a great way to finish that workout because I really did not think I was going to finish.

I normally weight train right after the swim but Andy cancelled on me since he was now sick so I ended up doing the run with Christy.  We had to do what we call strides and then hop, which strengthens the legs.  So when doing stride we count to 30 on each foot.  First one we take off.  When we got to the end Christy was like man you are fast.  I am fast but I am lazy so I mostly do not run fast although it certainly feels better when I do.  It was great to have finished these two works outs after feeling so horrible.

I started feeling better towards the end of the week and was able to make the 5k race which was a fundraiser for Chapman Partnership.  They “empower homeless men, women and children to build a positive future by providing the resources and assistance critical to growth and independence”.  We run this race becasue Even Reese, one or team mates, is on the board and we always support our team mates charities.

The race was at the zoo and these sort of races usually are hard to do your best but I have no idea what happened but I raced my best 5k ever and ended up 5th in my age group.  I am normally way into the middle.

Just because we raced did not mean we could skip our work outs.  Saturday was an hour run and a 40 minute open water swim.  We were testing and had specific things we had to do.  Our 5k race time was the results for the run test and for the swim we needed to time 1000 meters.  Coach told us to run for 30 to warm up before the race and then swim after the race.  So that’s what we did.  The swim was interesting.  The ocean was full of man o war so we were told to go swim in a pool.  Long story short we ended up at LA Fitness pool.  Heater was broken and we had to wait for a lane.  So it was cold and we were tired and hungry.  Not looking good at all.  We finally got in but we did not test.  This pool was not the ideal place for that.  Really it was good that we got the 40 minutes in.

Sunday’s ride was even funnier.  It was a little cold so I took my brand new wind breaker.  It was a little (well a lot) big and that is not good in heavy winds.  It was like a parachute and it made it super hard to keep up but my team mates were great.  They pushed me the entire way.  Even Joe who had just finished Ragnar (the 200 mile relay race from Miami to key West).  Yeah that was pretty impressive to see him show up at 7am sharp.  We turned around at a Starbuck where we stopped to use the bathroom and Leo decided to get a shot of espresso.  There were some other Ragnar vans there and they overheard us talking about the race.  They came out and were shocked that Joe was riding with us.  But hey that is how an IronAlien rolls.  Word of advice to all Aliens.  Do not let Leo have an espresso on the ride.  He took off like he had a rocket up his well you know what.

This week I only made 80% of my workouts.

  • Planned workout duration:  10:25
  • Actual workout duration: 8:25

Best part of the week was Friday.  REST DAY.  Some people got up to ride.  No way I will ever miss a rest day.

Today’s quote is all about not stopping to get the workouts in.  This is for Christy who kept us going on Saturday and made me do the swim.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson

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