Week seven. February 10-16, 2014-Damn Alligators

This week I had a one on one meeting with Andy that went really good until the very end when he agreed to get out of town for our long ride.  I suggested Deerfield.  He said Shark Valley.  Shark Valley although is car free is absolutely scarier to me because of the alligators.  I was hoping that maybe we could somehow convince Andy to change his mind so I posted this video on out facebook page with the following caption “Andy Clark, see that cat–thats me with the alligators”.


This is what he wrote later.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 7.27.05 PM

Sunday came and I woke up so tired I was really scared of falling asleep on the drive to Shark Valley.  But I had to go or else Andy would blast me.  I made it and it went sort of like this.

First loop (15 miles) was good.  No Alligators.

Second loop I was riding good and was happy because Christy said the alligators would not come out since it was so cold. I was up front and thought no way I want to be alone so I screamed back and told Christy to ride with me as she was not afraid of the alligators.  I was riding so fast and then I started seeing alligators.  Christy was laughing because she was not seeing them.  Once we got to the halfway point Christy left me behind.  It was super windy and I could not keep up.  I was ok with being alone since last time we rode there I remember the second part of the loop there were no alligators.  Well not sure what happened but they were out in full force.  There was one that just eyed my like he was going to take me down.

Third loop I was feeling very lonely.  I swear at this point I was feeling like Andy had decided to punk me and told everyone to leave.  I did not see anyone in our group.  At this point it seemed like the alligators were everywhere.  The only saving grace was that there 25 times as many people on cruisers.  I knew the gators would get them first.  I was riding like a crazy woman so I could just finish and get out.   Halfway through the third loop I saw the Hammerheads (a local riding group).  They were off to the side singing happy birthday and taking pictures when all of a sudden they all started scrambling (they looked like the cat in the video).  I later found out 2 alligators jumped up (I guess they did not like the singing).  It was hilarious.

As I finished the third loop I finally started seeing some Aliens which made me feel better.  All I know is that I was glad that ride was done.

I am happy to report that this week I made 92% of my workouts.

  • Planned workout duration:  13:50
  • Actual workout duration: 12:50

This week’s quote is about getting to Shark Valley and not quitting despite of my fear.  Getting across the finish line on June 29 is definitely more important than my fear.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. “~ Ambrose Redmoon

One thought on “Week seven. February 10-16, 2014-Damn Alligators

  1. I swear I only saw 2 gators at most on Sunday!!!! They do cone out to sunbathe but early it’s not hot enough. Anyway I didn’t want to make your fear any worse. Great post…next fear riding downhill without feeling like you are going to loose control– we got this. Clermont here we come!!!!

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