Week eleven. March 10-15-Great week ended with a meltdown

This week my goal was to make 100% of my workouts.  I am happy to report that I did do that.  I also had some great workouts.    The highlite of the week was the bridge repeats.  As the training progresses I am running faster which helped me kill the bridge repeats.  I know I am doing good from the comments from my team mates as we run up and down the bridge.  Or when I get these kind of messages.


As the week went on the great workouts started to end.  Saturday we had an open water swim on South Beach.  The surf was crazy and as we approached we could see the man-a-wars on the beach.  I hate those things but we went in.  We had a 50 minute swim which turned out to be a 50 minute swim/walk.  It was an interesting swim to say the least.  I am not sure how many times I ended up on the shore or way too far out to sea.  All I know is that it felt like the only time I was moving was when the waves knocked me around.  At one point I was swimming along and a wave took me and when I got back up all I could hear is Christy (who was my swim buddy on this particular day) laughing her butt off.  Yes she was laughing at my expense.  Later she was describing what she saw which was just hands and feet all over the place.  I guess I would have laughed as well.

After the swim we had a 2 hour and 15 minute run.  I ran with Christy, Kristen, Derek and Liz (Elizabeth).   I was the only one without music so it was just plain boring.  The best part of that run was running into Katcat.  She was cruising along the Venetian Causeway.  I stopped to say hi and to model for this photo.


After the run it was time to go home and get ready for our trip to Haines City for Sunday’s ride.  Robert, who was driving got to my house before I did and rushed to get all my stuff.  Needless to say I forgot a few things.

So Sunday morning we head over to the park where the Haines City 70.3 starts because we were trying out the course.  It was cold and of course all I had is just a jacket.  One that is not meant for training is but I had no choice.  It was heavy and uncomfortable but it did keep me warm.  The course was fine not too hilly not too flat but somewhere we missed a turn and ended up adding 10 miles to the ride.  This just mentally killed me.  Then all of a sudden the wind kicked in.  Every time it is windy I get left behind by everyone that has a tri-bike.  I can’t cut through the wind on my road bike like they can.  Today was no different.  The wind was so strong that I was almost taken down 3 times and as I was coming to a stop the wind actually did take me down as I was trying to unclip.  I broke the fall for the bike so I can report no scratches on the bike.  As we kept going I was getting frustrated which doesn’t help and I certainly did not have the right nutrition because I was starting to hit the wall.  We found a gas station to stop at so we could refill our bottles.  I was 10 seconds away from calling a cab.  I was in complete meltdown mode.  I instead went to the bathroom grabbed some chomps and said I guess I do not have much of a choice (there were certainly some cuss words involved) so lets just go.  I took off with tears in my eyes.

Since we had added the extra ten miles we decided to not finish the course and just get back to the park.  The road we took was a really hilly highway.  On a normal day I would have had fun with it but I was physically and mentally tired so I was scared which caused me to go slow on the down hill so I was not able to keep up with the group.  The good thing is that I was actually strong going up the hills.  Knowing that the roads will be manned on race day will help me go faster on the down hills.

After 4 hours, 20 minutes and 57 miles later we finished.  I have never been so glad to get off of that bike.

We packed up the bikes and headed back to shower, have lunch and head home.  On the way back I told my group that I was glad I did not quit.  It did feel good to finish.


Victoria, Me, Robert and Christy

I was so tired when I got home but I wanted to get some stretching in.  So I start and then end up waking up at 1am on the floor. I never knew I could get that tired.

This week I managed 100% of training time.  Miracles do happen.

  • Planned workout duration:  16:35
  • Actual workout duration: 16:35

What I learned this week is that mind over matter is a reality.  If I can push through the misery I can finish.

Today’s quote:

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” ― Haruki Murakami

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