Week nineteen. May 5-11, 2014 – No gears oh no

This past week was all about the big 7-hour workout on Sunday.  I stressed all week because of it.  Six hours on the bike and 1 hour run immediately after.  I have never ridden for 6 hour so it seemed huge.  I started the week following most of the workouts and just kept thinking about Sunday.

As it turns out Sunday was Mother’s day and Joe from our team posted the following:


Coach suggested I do it on Saturday with the group since I was travelling on Sunday and he didn’t want anything to get in the way so after some back and forth I agreed.  I was most concerned about getting dropped so I made Leo promise he wouldn’t drop me until we reached Blackpoint Marina (about 1 hour from our starting point) or until it was light.

Saturday came and we were planning on leaving at 5am.  I was already to keep up with the boys.  Shortly after take off I realized I could not change gears.  I was ‘Leo my gears will not change”.  He asked if I had charged the battery.  I said no but battery should be working.  He rode up ahead to tell the others.  We stopped for a brief moment and battery was working since I was able to change from big gear to small gear but the back cassette was stuck in the easiest gear.  That was not a good thing.  We finally made it to Blackpoint and I called Steve to meet me to see if he could figure out what was going on.  As we were about to leave I noticed a loose wire so Leo was nice enough to push it back in to the derailleur and boom the gears started working.  The guys went ahead and we planed to meet at the Starbucks.

I made it to Starbucks and they showed up with a few other teammates.


The group. Evan, Joe, Stephanie, Angelo, Leo, Me, Eduardo and Sylvana

After a short stop to refill bottles we took off.  Oh man the wind was ridiculous so I just pedaled and hoped I could make it back in time for the run.  In the end I had gotten back to Blackpoint 1 hour sooner than I had thought so I circled back to make up that hour.  So far the ride was good except for the few times when the wind almost took me down ( I must be getting better at my handling skills since I always kept control of the bike).  I used this time alone to practice riding in the aero bars.  I definitely went faster but I freaked if the wind got too strong.  So I just kept practicing.

Somehow I had not calculated my water and soon after I left Blackpoint I ran out.  I spotted a fire station and thought I should stop and ask them to fill my bottles but I didn’t want to stop and figured the Farm Store is not that far.  Well it was further than I remembered but I finally made it and refilled.  I finally made it back to our starting point and was a little short on time when I saw Leo.  He said he was at 99.3 miles and wanted to make it to 100.  I was like hey I’m at 79.3 so I definitely want to make 80 so we took off on a loop, which brought him to 100 and me to 80.  I was very excited about 80 miles.  I had never ridden that far.  So I took a photo of my Garmin to post on Facebook.  Typical response from coach:


After Joe got back we all changed to running shoes and took off on our run.  We were all pretty beat from the bike so it was a pretty funny conversation.  First we were like ok I am walking for the hour, then we went to lets run/walk then we finally made it to we will take a walk break at every mile.  So were moving at a pretty good pace when Leo starts with the “I want to be an Ironman” video.  We were cracking up and I said oh I am going to watch that for some inspiration.  Here it is:

We ended up running 5 miles at 12-minute mile pace.  We all thought it was pretty good.  When we finished Joe starts yelling “It’s over”.  Yes it was so we did what we always do and that is take a picture.  He we are after the workout.


“It’s over” Leo, me and Joe

Joe and I planned to meet Sunday for the open water swim.  Thank God he agreed to go because I was so tired I know had he not gone I would have skipped it.  It was really a great swim and the farthest either one of us had swam.  We made 1.77 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes.

This week I managed 89% of training time.  Not bad.

▪   Planned workout duration:  18:10

▪   Actual workout duration: 16:12

What I learned this week is that I can do these long workouts and not completely die ( I was super tired and ended up passing out before 10pm but not dead) and that I need to learn more about how things work on my bike.  Like check wires if gears do not change.  That trip to Blackpoint would have been much faster had I looked for something so simple.  But I suppose that is what training is for.

Quote for the week is a reminder that if I just keep up with the workouts I will make it across the finish line.  It is ok to have thoughts about quitting one week as long as I do not act on the thought.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. – Robert Collier




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