Week 10-17. March 2-April 26, 201-Feeling a bit more fabulous

Well the year started off a little slow but since my last post I have actually done some pretty cool stuff.

First up my St. Jude Children’s Hospital fundraising. I am still over the moon over how that turned out. Not only did I reach my $15,000 goal I actually surpassed it by $523.00 and that earned me 2nd top fundraiser. In addition, I led my team to first place and we ended up with $42,252.00. We finally beat Auto Trader (we went from 4th, to 3rd, to 2nd in the first 3 years). The captains were so impressed with what I was doing that they both donated to ensure I would reach my goal. That right there is what I call friendly competitive spirit. When Ralph found out what kind of crazy stuff I was doing to raise money he decided to help and he sent a donation with this note:

“What Up! You are soooo close to your goal I wanted to help! Hope to see you on Saturday as I got you an AWESOME autotrader shirt! 🙂 Good Luck!”


Relaxing after the race in my AWESOME tshirt

Then on Thursday night after I sent Brent a text saying I was $50 away from 15K he made sure I got there by donating as well with this cute note:

“Who got you to goal? I did 🙂 Nice job!”

I was so happy when I hit my goal and I am glad it was Brent who got me there.  In the end we all want the same thing, which is, raise as much money for the kids as possible. I always knew tackling this big of a goal was crazy but you know what they say:

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” Les Brown

I would say I landed among the stars.


Some of the Alien Endurance top fundraisers at the pasta party


Top 3 team captains Sarah Ford, Me, Brent Jaffe

As promised in early January I definitely lived and breathed St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I was pretty sure I was going to loose my friends from my endless posts but what happened instead was a lot of nice donations along with touching notes. People double and triple donated. My teammates even donated and they were doing their own fundraising. I am still getting notes from people telling I am inspiring.  Really I am just doing what I love to do.


Beautiful sunrise on the way to race start


Bad ass girls ready to start

Up next this triathlete let go of the brakes. In case you didn’t know I am not one for going fast and especially going down hill. Since I was on a high from the fundraising I decided that during the race I would not use my brakes on the way down. We had a total of 6 bridges and I only braked once and for one split second just to slow down my heart rate. I had my fastest bike time ever just because I did not brake. I know what you are thinking but that was huge for me. Oh and I was 7th in my age group.


And so on the 4th year we get to present the big check


Being honored for 2nd top fundraiser



So I figured why stop there. The following week I joined the advanced group in the Mack Cycle Women’s Ride. My plan was to stick with them as long as I could then just finish up alone. Apparently that was not an option. I had to completely give in to my fear of drafting. Not sure what is worse fast down hill or drafting. Either way with the help of the sweepers (Juan from Mack Cycle and this other guy who I never got his name) I somehow managed to keep up and averaged 18.1 mph for 52 miles. So I think it is fair to say that I might just be a 50 and fabulous triathlete by the end of the year if I keep this up.


The fabulous advanced Mack Cycle women’s ride group

Next up daily routines. What I noticed since my last post is that my routines are starting to be put in place. The fundraising took my mind off of things and I started to become less distracted and more focused. One night I decided to make a list of everything that needed to get done. Broke it down by home, work, personal etc. Then I started tackling the list. The biggest one which I highlighted in red was a hand made cross that was a Christmas present for my sister two Christmases ago. It was a more tedious task than I had thought so I never finished it. So one day I said I am not getting up until I finish this thing. I was up till about 2am but I got it done and it came out great and best of all Elena was thrilled.


Cross all done with items found at my house for proof that it was done

Then I moved on to taxes and to my surprise I filed early. Then I just kept going. Things started happening then before I knew it I was getting calls for jobs and last week I landed one that will keep me busy for the next year. It will keep me with consistent cash flow so I can actually relax about money and concentrate on the business.

Amazing what happens when you pour your heart and soul into a cause greater than yourself.  Loving my 50th year so far.  Can it get any better?  Of course it can.  Have so much more to tackle.

Now for my quote:


I chose this quote for the following reasons:

  • little by little I got to $15,000
  • little by little I got down the hills without brakes and to average speed of 18.1 mph on a flat course
  • little by little I am settling into my daily routines
  • little by little I am building a business

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