August 28, 2017-Health Challenge Week 2

Monday, August 28, 2017

So the first week did not go as planned.   Giving up everything cold turkey was not such a good idea. My body freaked and I was not able to sleep for 3 days. I decided that maybe I needed to slowly cut things out. So for the rest of the week I had a glass of wine every night, which helped with sleep. I did continue to start cutting out the gluten and sugar until Saturday at my cousin’s birthday party. I did ok with the wine but all the food was covered in gluten and dairy.  I ate just enough to not be starving.  It was not a good thing given that on Sunday I had a huge training session. After that meal it was easy to sleep but it wasn’t a good sleep. In any event, I got up on Sunday and proceeded to swim 1800 yards, bike 40 miles and run 8 miles. I suffered. My stomach was bloated and I just felt blah. I did my best and just kept thinking “I’m sweating which is good for detoxing”.

After the workout I went home, ate, took a shower and proceeded to get organized for the next week. For the rest of the day I drank plenty of water and relaxed. I slept like a baby that night and I woke up refreshed for the first time all week.

What I learned: The body is a powerful thing if you listen to it. I certainly haven’t been listening but I can hear it now.

Weight and measurements only small changes but changes are changes.  I am adding my keg to the measurements.  When that is gone it means I got gluten out of my diet which is super important.  I also thought I would leave the original numbers so we can see the improvements on each blog post.  They are in parenthesis.

(140) 140 LBS, Chest (38.5″) 38″, Waist (33.5″) 33.″, Hip (37.5″) 37.″, Arms (10.5″) 10.5″, Legs (20″) 20″, Gut (my little keg) 37″

Today’s quote is about moving forward even if its slow.

“Slow progress is better than no progress”


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