Week 10-17. March 2-April 26, 201-Feeling a bit more fabulous

Week 10-17. March 2-April 26, 201-Feeling a bit more fabulous

Well the year started off a little slow but since my last post I have actually done some pretty cool stuff. First up my St. Jude Children’s Hospital fundraising. I am still over the moon over how that turned out. … Continue reading

Week fourteen. March 31-April 6, 2014-It was all about St. Jude Children’s Hospital

This week was all about South Beach Triathlon which it the big race where our team raises money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  I love this organization and I want to raise the most amount of money as I can but we were not doing so good on Monday morning.  I was no where near my personal goal and the team was just as behind.  I was starting to get crazed.  So I did the only thing I knew how.  I let all my frustrations go and I just started begging by posting on Facebook, sending emails and making phone calls.  I also started bombarding our team page with updates on our progress to get my team mates excited and motivated.  It was touch and go but we made out goal of $35,000.00 by late Friday night.  I pretty much think I spent about 8 hours a day in front of the computer the entire week.  I was relentless and I am sure I drove people insane but I just didn’t care.  I saw us winning the corporate challenge and I had to pull out all stops.  In the end I personally raised $6.250.00 and our team raised $40,000.00.  Way more than our goals. So I was so proud of Alien Endurance for that.

Friday night there was a party for the captains so I went to that and at this point our team was ahead but I was freaking out because I knew Auto Trader was catching up very fast.  Brent, the captain, was already telling me they were going to win.  He wanted to make sure I would not be disappointed so he was preparing me.  I kept giving him the evil eye.  I still had hope that they would come up short even though I knew he was pulling out all his stunts to get ahead of us.  Really he motivated me more than ever this year.  It was because of him that I raised more this year than ever and I think I ended up 8th overall fundraiser.

Saturday morning I got up early and headed to to get my training in but it was also race registration and the day that all would be revealed.  The deadline was 5pm so I basically spent all day at the beach meeting up with my team mates and keeping a close eye on the competition.  I was checking the fundraising page every 5 minutes.  Took my battery down to .5%.  I didn’t even know you could do that.  So the deadline came and it was time to find out what happened. Auto Trader pulled it out in the end and passed us.  I was bummed but we came in second which is still pretty damn good.  I had decided I would not to post the outcome until after the pasta party but it seems my team mates were also checking because I got so many messages.  They were all telling me how good I had done and they hoped I was not disappointed in my efforts.  I will not lie I was disappointed in myself and I even told Mari at the bar before we headed up that I needed to get happy before I went upstairs.  That was no easy task but I managed and then of course when I got to the dinner and saw all of the St. Jude’s people all my disappointment went away.

The pasta party was fun and we got to meet Stephen who was a patient of St. Jude’s and he was actually racing and he ended up being the 5th top overall fundraiser.  I could barely keep it together when he got up to speak.  That is why I do what I do.  It was an emotional weekend to say the least but I got to spend it with my team mates and some of the other captains and the St. Jude’s employees who make it all possible.  I could not have asked for a better weekend.

2nd place

Our sign and Stephen and me in the back ground

South Beach St. Jude Triathlon (3)

Me ( Alien Endurance 2nd Place) Brent (Auto Trader 1st Place) and Francisco (Discovery 3rd Place)

group picture

Gloria, Willy, Rosana, Ralph, Carolina, Me and Mari (these are some of the top fundraisers for Alien Endurance)

Sunday was race time.  I was the swimmer in my relay team.  It was a rough swim but I did alright.  Robert rode and Liz ran.  Liz killed the run allowing us to beat our coach Andy’s team which really was a sweet sweet sweet feeling.

me after the swim

Testing the ice compression after the race. (Jaguar Therapeutics set up at our tent)

After the race I went over to the stage to watch Auto Trader present their check.  It was a deal I made with Brent.  We would be there for the presentation no matter who won.  It was great the Corporate Challenge had raised over $350,000.00.

After that presentation I found my team mates who were waiting for the race awards.  Some of our team mates placed in their age groups so they were there to support.  As I sat down Alien Endurance was mentioned and I was called up to the stage.  I didn’t quite know why since I really did not hear the announcement but as it turns out our team won the Corporate Challenge race for the international and the classic distance races.  That just means we were faster as a team than all other teams.  Awesome.


Our throphey’s

We have been doing this race for 3 years and as always we headed over to Frankie’s for an after party.

party pictue

Last men/women standing

That is always fun but a little sad at least for me.  It means all the excitement about fundraising is over.  This year I poured my heart and soul into it more than ever and I will have to say that I did crash and burn when it was all done.  It took me a few days to recover (the main reason this blog post is so late).

So mow that this is all over lets get to my stats for the week.

This week I managed 56% of training time oops.

Planned workout duration: 12:30
Actual workout duration: 7:00

What I learned this week is that I like a little competition (well I always knew that but this past week it took over my body and mind).  I sacrificed my training for the fundraising.  I will pay for it next week but it will have been worth it.  Ill just get back on that horse next week.

Quote for this week says it all for me this week.  I did actually give until it hurt.  I will do it again next year.  Like I said before I love St. Jude Children’s Hospital and I will do what it takes to raise as much money as possible for them.  Those kids have a hold on me that I can not explain.  I owe it all to Maria Quesada who introduced me to them.  Until next year.

“Give, but give until it hurts.” ― Mother Teresa